Frequently Asked Questions

1What markets does Mobile Auto serve?
Mobile Auto is nationwide and currently active in all provinces & territories.
2How do I get approved through Mobile Auto?
You can sign up with Mobile Auto by filling in your contact information on the secure online form. A Mobile Auto Area Manager will reach out to you within 24-48 hours to guide you through the finance approval process.
3I’ve had a previous bankruptcy, is that a problem?
Not at all! We’re here to help. We have access to financing options for people with all types of credit. Bankruptcy, divorce, new to Canada, first car, no credit, good credit — no matter what your circumstances are, we will work to find a solution that works for you.
4What happens after I complete the process with Mobile Auto?
If its during normal business hours, you will be contacted by the Area Sales Manager who will inform you of your approval status and help you complete the process. Because you’ve already completed the online application, they already have most of the information needed to get your loan finalized and get you driving. You can also call a service representative who will help you complete everything over the phone and then work with the Area Sales Manager to complete the process.
5Do I need a down payment?
Not necessarily. A down payment can help make your new loan payments smaller and more affordable, but we offer financing options for everyone.
6Is my personal information secure?
Yes. We take your personal information seriously. Your information is secured by point to point SSL encryption according to business standards. From a platform level we encrypt your personal details so that it’s only readable for the sub services we use.